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Do you want to make a difference in the health and care industry?

Then it would help if you become a member of the DUCAH cooperative. This way, you will contribute to developing the research field of "Digital Health and Aging". Help shape Germany's digital future and improve the economic and social understanding of digital processes. Contribute to profile building and support, carried by the DUCAH cooperative, your own mission. Enter into a direct exchange with all relevant stakeholders around Digital Health and Aging.

DUCAH is organized as a registered cooperative. This has many advantages for cooperative members:

Advantages at a Glance:

  • Financial advantage:

    Cheaper access and support for the implementation of digitalization projects in care.

  • Research access:
    Access to research, especially in the context of digitalization.
  • Close collaboration with science and research:

    The collaboration of science, industry, and institutions in a holistic network.

  • Own competitive advantage:
    Giving members a competitive advantage for their own business model.

Become a DUCAH Member:

Declaration of Participitation (DE)
more information: info@ducah.de

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