Approach - How does DUCAH Work?

Our Motivation and Fundamental Principles

DUCAH's work is based on the recognition that population aging is one of the most important challenges of our time. The increase in older people presents challenges not only for the healthcare system, but also for society as a whole. DUCAH works to develop innovative solutions to meet the needs of older people and enable them to live active, healthy and satisfied lives in urban environments. From this we derive our motivation and basic principles.

Design of a Europe-wide showcase model on the topic of digitized living by means of neighborhood-based pilot projects. The goal: "Assisted Living & Aging in a Digital Society"


Here, the focus is particularly on piloting and accompanying research into innovative concepts and scaling collaboration between established companies, solution providers and digital health start-ups.
Accompaniment through digital field studies and research using "action-based research" and political advice.
Collaborative, interindustry, and intersectoral innovation.

Development of self-determined preventive-

and care systems.

Research and design within Learning Labs.

A Comprehensive Overview

What is DUCAH? How do we work and what is our mission?
We answer these questions in our presentation, feel free to take a look!
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