Our Approach

The DUCAH Cooperative
DUCAH is one of the first research cooperatives in Germany in this field. It conducts people-centered research at the site of health, care, and aging events - but primarily in care quarters and in hospitals.

The goal is to support those who need care, caregivers, family members, and physicians, primarily with the support of digital technologies.

The Approach
The great added value of DUCAH lies in the networking of application and research - i.e. scientific and practical findings. In this way, prototypes are created with comparative accompanying research, a kind of real-life laboratory for those involved - the "Better-Living-Quarters".
Innovations from research are transferred into practice, application experiences influence research in return.
DUCAH connects health, social, real estate, and digital industries integrally with each other and thus achieves . . .
. . . that digital applications relieve the burden on nursing staff.
. . . that medical solutions that are developed make the daily lives of patients and caregivers easier, thus making care easier physically.
. . . that self-determined living in familiar surroundings is much easier in old age.