DUCAH Market Access

The Digital Urban Center for Aging and Health offers comprehensive support to innovation providers in developing new health and social care markets.

DUCAH market entries open up an attractive way to successfully place digital and social solutions in a demanding market. To ensure that products and services meet the high-quality standards and legal requirements of the health and social economy, experts from the DUCAH network accompany the market entry in an advisory capacity. The discussion and evaluation of innovative solutions in DUCAH's diverse professional and industry formats also increase visibility in a market segment that has so far been little tapped digitally. The goal of Market Access is to provide an aging society with practical solutions to pressing health and social problems.

DUCAH-Marktzugänge im Überblick:

  • DUCAH Market Access for Innovation Providers
    • Opening up digitally underdeveloped market segments in the health and social economy.
    • Promoting innovations with added value for the health and social economy
    • Overcoming ethical, legal, and organizational hurdles
    • Industry expertise and network as support
  • Supporting Digital Innovation for the Aging Society
    • Increasing visibility and identifying new sales channels
    • Discussion, test, and evaluation in specialist and industry formats
    • Increasing brand awareness and launching additional products
    • Scientific testing of the added value of innovations
  • Cooperation with Partner Institutions
    • Contact with potential customers and users via clinics, nursing homes, and pharmacies.
    • Many years of experience and a strong network provide valuable support and insights
    • People-centered development of solutions in collaborative formats
  • Modular Scope of DUCAH Market Access Services
    • Core services: Market analysis and selection of suitable partners
    • Support for the human-centered introduction of products and services
    • Scientifically supported functional assessments and data protection concepts

By providing a diverse range of services, we ensure that we understand the individual needs and requirements of our customers and can provide them with optimal support in implementing their innovation projects.

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