Attract new Employees with Cleverrecruit

The job market in the health and social economy has changed a lot in recent years - companies need to pull more attention towards them to gain new employees.
Cleverrecruit, the DUCAH solution partner for recruiting and staffing, has recognized this and developed appropriate solutions. Companies need to actively apply to potential employees. Our solution partner has therefore developed a new approach to recruitment that aims to use the market situation - in which all employers are looking but can't find anyone - to the company's advantage. Instead of waiting for the right candidates to apply on their own, Cleverrecruit recommends actively approaching potential prospects.

With Cleverrecruit, the recruiting process becomes very simple:

Company receives collected application data and gets to know interested parties.
Potential prospects discover ads on social networks.





Interested parties provide contact information, aptitudes and skills in quiz form.
Interested parties are redirected to landing page and receive information about the company and the vacant position(s).
Cleverrecruit uses modern technologies and data-based approaches to identify suitable candidates. The company takes a holistic approach that covers various online recruitment channels. In addition to classic online job ads, this also includes targeting candidates via social networks and search engines.
The starting requirements are minimal: A profile on LinkedIn, Google, Instagram, Facebook, Xing, etc. is enough to get started with the right approach.
Another important aspect of the Cleverrecruit approach is the cooperation with companies in order to precisely understand their requirements for candidates. This enables Cleverrecruit to make precisely fitting recommendations and minimize the risk of misplacements.

The Advantages at a Glance:

  • Potentially interested parties are addressed online where they hang out anyway - in the relevant social media
  • The significantly simplified recruiting procedure makes it much easier for your employees to search for, assess and hire suitable candidates.
  • Minimal obstacles for interested parties due to a simple, mobile and fast application process
  • You as a company receive flexible evaluation options through the transmission of all generated applicant data - naturally DSGVO-compliant
  • Your personnel or HR department saves time and costs through an innovative and efficient recruitment process
  • Job ads are not only displayed in job portals, but also appeal to people who may not even be actively looking for a new job yet, but fit into your target group
Overall, Cleverrecruit offers an innovative solution for companies looking for qualified employees. By proactively leveraging current market realities and employing modern technologies, Cleverrecruit can take high-quality recruitment to a new level. Contact us today!

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