DUCAH Field Trials

The field trials are a unique opportunity to put digital and social innovations through their paces and develop them further in health and social economy institutions.

The DUCAH field accesses offer a structured framework in which innovation donors can try out their creative ideas together with their target group. Whether initial thoughts, prototypes, or mature products and services - everything is welcome and will be accompanied by experts from the DUCAH science network. This valuable expert input helps perfect innovations and tailor them to the needs of an aging society.

After all, the goal of field testing is to offer practical solutions to pressing health and social problems in order to improve the lives of older people in a variety of ways. Our network includes facilities such as the Charité, the DRK Kliniken Berlin, the Diakonie, several pharmacies and medical care centers.

Togehter with DUCAH Field Trials:

  • Test Innovation
    Test your digital and social innovations in healthcare and social economy facilities
  • Develop Solutions
    Develop new solutions together with potential users
  • Use Networks
    Benefit from the expertise of our interdisciplinary scientific network
  • Master Innovation
    Master the challenging environment for innovation in health and care
  • Solve Problems
    Swiftly put solutions to problems of an aging society into practice
We have developed a modular scope of services for our field accesses in order to best meet the different requirements and wishes of our innovation donors.

In addition to our core services such as the collaborative development of a suitable trial design and project management, we also offer additional services. These include, for example, the creation of data protection concepts, the provision of scientific expert opinions, or the implementation of co-creation workshops with the target group.

By offering our customers a wide range of services, we can ensure that we respond to their individual needs and requirements and provide them with the best possible support in implementing their innovation projects.

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