DUCAH Academy

Digitization is one of the major tasks facing the healthcare and social economy today and in the near future.

A major hurdle to living better for longer is the lack of digital skills among many seniors. But it is not only here that digital know-how is lacking; specialists, project managers, or other employees in the management of facilities also need this knowledge. This is where the DUCAH Academy steps in.

What is the DUCAH Academy?

The DUCAH Academy is an education platform that offers training for the healthcare and social economy. The DUCAH Academy aims to prepare employees from this sector for digital transformation and enables them to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization. The training courses are practice-oriented and tailored to the needs of the participants.

DUCAH Academy Workshops

Beginning in the 3rd quarter, DUCAH Academy will offer two workshops:

Projectmanager for Digital Transformation
Target group: (Senior) employees and project managers who want to build up digital skills and who want to take responsibility for, implement and support the digital transformation in their organization.

- Networked work
- Digital Teams
- Digital Leadership
- Communication 4.0
Target group: Caregivers who want to build up digital skills in the use of digital applications in order to teach them to seniors in a simple and practical way - these people become Digital Mentors.

- Methodology and didactics
- Key situations
- Video telephony
- Online banking

The Vision of the DUCAH Academy

In the near future, the DUCAH Academy will continue to build up training courses for people from the health and social economy. In the future, all target groups and training interests will be covered. For this purpose, we will involve our cooperative members and create human-centered workshops according to the needs of the people.

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